FAE Regional Manager  

    FAE Regional Manager  



    Job Type


    Job Responsibilities:  

    1. Responsible for the establishment of service technology system, after-sales team management and product problem management in Europe and America;  
    2. Responsible for the management and construction of after-sales service network in Europe and America;  
    3. Lead the European and American regional team to carry out the product repair, maintenance, technical upgrade and software version iteration upgrade of customers in the region in order to ensure the stable operation of equipment in the region;  
    4. lead the European and American area team to collect the regional market end after-sales problems, Suggestions to improve products, customer satisfaction assessment, etc., to help promote products and r&d department to improve the remote operations and intelligence operations tool, improve operational efficiency and reduce operational costs, and promote product functionality, ease of use and reliability and maintainability of ascension;  
    5. Actively cooperate with sales departments in Europe and America, organize engineers in the region to carry out pre-sales and after-sales support work in the region, assist agents in product demonstration, product deployment and training, and ensure the service satisfaction of customers in the region;  
    6. Actively visited dealers and service providers in Europe and The United States to investigate their after-sales capacity, and developed differentiated training to empower dealers and service providers and improve their after-sales capacity;  
    7. Constantly improve the monthly and daily activity rates of equipment in Europe and America, and focus on solving on-site problems of customers in the region;  
    8. Responsible for technical ability improvement, performance target setting, service indicator monitoring and personnel assignment management of technical support and operation engineers in Europe and America;  


    1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic engineering, microelectronics, Computer science, automation, etc.  
    2. At least 5 years of management experience in after-sales industry, under 35 years old;  Automotive, industrial robot, service robot and other industries are preferred;  
    3. Familiar with after-sales service policies of major European and American countries, with overseas after-sales service experience is preferred;  
    4. Good command of English, Mandarin, business English, must be able to use English as the main working language;  
    5. Familiar with basic electrical knowledge and motor drive control principle; 
    6. Familiar with Linux platform experience is preferred;  Experience in robotics, such as ROS is preferred;
    7. Work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, pressure tolerance, good communication skills and problem-solving ability.