Overseas After-sales Center manager  

    Overseas After-sales Center manager  



    Job Type


    Job Responsibilities:  

    1. Responsible for supporting overseas colleagues in software and hardware problems (software/electrical/algorithm function problems, etc.) encountered during machine deployment and operation;  
    2. Assisted overseas colleagues to analyze, classify, follow up and issue analysis reports on overseas robot after-sales problems;  
    3. Follow up overseas key issues, pull through internal R&D when necessary, promote R&D to provide solutions and monitor the implementation of front-line;  
    4. Sorted out front-line demands, put forward clear requirements for internal R&D, and monitored the implementation;  
    5. For key projects and customers, we can take over customers overseas;  


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical automation or related;  
    2. Good knowledge of robotics, signal processing/automatic control robot system/electronic circuit design and other related technical background;  
    3. Linux operating system application experience; 
    4. Fluent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing;  Ability to speak small languages is preferred;
    5. Strong learning ability, teamwork ability, hard working spirit, adaptable to frequent business trips; 
    6. Experience in the following industries: mechanical equipment/electron mechanical/heavy industry/electronics/semiconductor/integrated circuit/instrumentation/industrial automation