Country Manager/Regional Manager

    Country Manager/Regional Manager



    Job Type



    1. Achievement of performance objectives. Responsible for the business development and management of commercial cleaning robot products in the region, and achieve the preset sales target;
    2. Business model landing. Based on the company’s sales strategy, promote leasing, RaaS and other sales models in the region, maintain and expand the leading market share through a variety of business means;
    3. Channel development and management. Develop professional channels and industry channels, establish multi-level channel network in line with business needs, implement GTM management and pipeline management of channels, effectively deal with conflicts between channels, optimize channel system and maintain competitive situation;
    4. Channel empowerment. Enable the channel in the product capacity, sales capacity, after-sales capacity and other aspects of the systematic construction, the implementation of channel dynamic rating, enhance the influence and control of channel, optimize channel resource allocation;
    5. Sales sink. Responsible for effectively sinking sales reach into all target industries, realizing penetration and replication of major application scenarios such as business, industry, transportation, medical education, etc., promoting the development of key accounts in the industry, and implementing key account life cycle management;
    6. Market support. Collect relevant business information in the region, including demand dynamics, industry applications, competitive business information. Support related marketing activities in the region, including brand promotion and customer acquisition.


    • Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years overseas study or working experience, good command of English;
    • At least 5 years sales experience and channel management experience in B key accounts, technical and solution sales is preferred;
    • Strong market perception and product understanding, able to keenly perceive market dynamics and grasp market development direction;
    • Excellent Negotiation skills in English, strong ability of organization and coordination and grasp of project links;
    • Capable of long-term overseas business trips;
    • Strong team spirit and overall vision, personal goals serve team goals, team goals serve company goals.