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Third Win! Gausium Scrubber 50 Swept the Industry’s Top Awards for Innovation with INCLEAN Excellence Awards 2022

September 20, 2022

The ceremony of the INCLEAN Excellence Awards 2022 took place at the ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Expo (14 September 2022, Sydney). The INCLEAN Excellence Awards is the most eminent accolade in the cleaning industry of Oceania. The awards are intended to honor and showcase innovative and progressive products and services within the cleaning industry.

The Excellence Award for the “Innovation-Equipment-Large” category was bestowed on Gausium for Scrubber 50 Pro. This year, the Gausium marketing team has entered the model for three international innovation awards in the industry and succeeded in scooping them all, with the previous two being the European Cleaning & Hygiene Award and the Amsterdam Innovation Award.

“It’s amazing how this award winning Scrubber 50 Pro is changing cleaning and evolved from a Co-bot to a mature Co-assistant. We’re proud to develop and offer a cleaning tool with such a high, positive impact for cleaners around the world.” Said Peter Kwestro, Global BD Director of Gausium.

What Distinguishes Scrubber 50 Pro from Other Innovative Solutions?

According to Gausium, among the many inventive and leading-edge features of Scrubber 50 Pro, the most prominent innovations must be its groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning and Marker-free Ceiling Vision Localization.

– Auto Spot Cleaning
With advanced AI vision sensors, Scrubber 50 Pro can identify contamination on the floor and autonomously perform spot cleaning where spills or stains are detected. Cleaning only where necessary, Scrubber 50 Pro renders up to 4X efficiency improvement and significantly reduces consumption of water, energy and chemicals. Instant removal of occasional spills also reduces safety hazards of slip and falls.
This means the robot does not follow a predetermined cleaning plan, but operates smartly and flexibly according to the real-time situation.

– Marker-free Ceiling Vision Localization
Scrubber 50 Pro adopts a ceiling vision localization system, which is to use an upward-looking camera to extract the feature of the ceiling for mapping and localization. The system does not require any specially deployed artificial landmarks such as QR codes, saving much time and effort during deployment. The robot can identify the visual features of the ceilings (pipes, lights, squares, curves, etc.) and use them as natural landmarks for localization.

Other Value-added Offerings

According to Gausium, Scrubber 50 Pro is an eco-friendly and human-centered design that would help users accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth. The robot is made of enduring, recyclable materials, and adopts LFP batteries with a long lifespan of 2,000 cycles. Equipped with a 5-stage water filtration system, Scrubber 50 Pro recycles water during its operation and saves around 80% freshwater consumption. Additionally, the Auto Spot Cleaning is an energy-efficient path planning mode that is able to save up to 75% energy.

Scrubber 50 Pro can boost staff wellbeing by enabling employees to work more efficient and focus more on higher-value tasks that lead to a higher sense of fulfillment. It also improves workplace ergonomics and decreasing potential health hazards caused by over-exertion, awkward postures and repetitive actions.

Moreover, by taking over the repetitive and strenuous manual cleaning tasks, the robot can also serve as a reliable co-worker for physically disabled group and provide them with more job opportunities.