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  • Cleaning Solutions

The Best Robotic Floor Cleaning Solution for Small and Medium-sized Commercial Facilities

August 02, 2022

There are good reasons to use autonomous technology to optimize the floor cleaning of commercial facilities, where visible, consistent cleaning is vital for customer satisfaction. Thanks to major advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and mobile data transmission, driverless robotic floor cleaners are a technically reliable alternative and a logical upgrade to conventional human-operated cleaning equipment.

Robotic floor cleaners, such as autonomous floor scrubbing robots, can largely alleviate the burden of time-consuming and tedious cleaning tasks. They will improve cleaning efficiency without sacrificing quality and consistency. Moreover, robotic floor cleaners featuring real-time performance data tracking provide proof of clean and enable data-driven cleaning management. The operating software can automatically documents the area covered as well as consumables used, and visualizes the data in easily understandable graphics.

However, most of the off-the-shelf commercial floor cleaning robots, with their relatively bulky bodies, are ideal only in certain commercial facility settings, such as luxury hotels and shopping malls, where there are wide spaces and unobstructed areas for frequent cleaning. When it comes to cleaning small and medium-sized commercial facilities within 2,000 square meters, there has been no better alternative to manual work. This kind of facilities, represented by workspaces and retail stores, feature tight areas and narrow aisles where large commercial cleaning machines could not function properly.

Phantas, a robotic floor cleaner customized for small and medium-sized commercial facilities

commercial robot floor scrubber Phantas in Office

Phantas is the latest robotic cleaner developed by Gausium (alias “Gaussian Robotics”), a leading cleaning and service robot company that has recently won two top-notch cleaning industry accolades (Amsterdam Innovation Award and European Cleaning and Hygiene Award) for its Scrubber 50 Pro.

Specially designed for floor cleaning in small and medium sized commercial facilities, Phantas is presumably the most compact commercial floor cleaning robot the industry has ever seen. The small size grants it the freedom to navigate and clean hard-to-reach spaces, such as under-table areas in offices, narrow aisles of retail stores, etc. On top of its compactness, the robot boasts an array of smart features that would significantly facilitate floor cleaning tasks at smaller-sized commercial sites.

Fully Autonomous Mapping

Commercial facilities like retail stores and offices generally have complex layouts with hard-to-reach corners, which makes it almost impossible to navigate the exact border of the site for most commercial robotic cleaners, leaving areas uncovered and cleaning incomplete. Phantas is the unique one in the market that that supports fully autonomous mapping process, which is never-before-seen in other commercial cleaning robots. Upon initial deployment, Phantas will automatically navigate the landscape in just one click, and create a semantic map without any external tools or installation professionals for assistance. This spares the hassle of manually walking the machine around the periphery of the facility as most of the floor cleaning robots require for mapping.

Groundbreaking Autonomous Spot Cleaning

Phantas incorporates Gausium’s groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning its path planning. Under this mode, the robot scans the cleanliness of the nearby floor and autonomously performs spot cleaning where waste or stains are detected. This is a life-saving feature for retail locations.  Retail facilities simply cannot afford to let any spill go unattended as they lead to slip-and-fall injuries, contributing to leading cause of workers’ and visitors’ compensation claims. With Auto Spot Cleaning, Phantas will clean the spills right off before they’re spread all over the floor to eliminate the safety hazards. By cleaning only where it is needed, Phantas also brings up to 400% efficiency improvement and significantly reduces water and energy consumption.

This means the robot does not follow a predetermined cleaning plan, but operates smartly and flexibly according to the real-time situation. By spot cleaning Phantas also prevents the spread of stains and contamination to other areas during the day. It’s a huge step forward in autonomous cleaning, reducing the manual floor cleaning time. No longer cleaning staff have to search and locate the spill or stains and manually walk their robot to the place to perform spot cleaning.

Versatility That Fits Different Floor Types

Phantas can operate on most hard flooring materials, including marble, concrete, ceramic, hardwood, etc. It also works perfectly on low pile carpets that are common choices of flooring materials at retail chains and office facilities. The vision sensors of Phantas enable floor type recognition and the robot will switch cleaning modes to fit different floor types.

Flexibility That Fits Distinct Schedules

Phantas is developed to free up manpower and reduce human intervention to the greatest extent. It can be available 24/7 with a docking station for autonomous power charging, which makes it  an “on demand” floor cleaner that would fit distinct cleaning schedules. In the meantime, with the user-friendly Gausium App, operators can control the floor cleaning via any smart mobile devices from anywhere, anytime. With task scheduling and remote control functionalities in the mobile app, cleaning services are available even at night or during other times when your business is closed.