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Sweeper 111

Sweeper 111

Heavy-duty Autonomous Sweeping Robot

High Performer, Whether Indoors or Outdoors

Sweeper 111 is an industrial cleaning machine designed for heavy-duty cleaning in large sites either indoor or outdoor. Fine dust, waste and trash of various sizes are all within its cleaning capacity supported by its ultra-strong absorption ability. This makes the robot an ideal choice for cleaning open-air grounds and industrial sites where there is a lot of dust, debris and industrial wastes. It has LED light that casts a blue glow on the floor, which adds to the security particularly in cleaning warehouses by giving a visual warning to staff or forklift drivers in intersecting aisles.


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Logistics & Warehouses

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3D Model Sweeper 111

Key Features


Superb Productivity

  • Up to 5,500 m²/h cleaning efficiency with a large-capacity trash bin of 60L

Ultra-strong Absorption

  • Able to absorb trash of various shapes and sizes, including fine dust, sand, beverage bottles, milk cartons, cigarette butts, bamboo sticks etc.

Auto Dumping

  • Moving to the dumping point and completing the dumping process independently

360° Visibility

  • Market-leading 30+ sensors (including 3D LiDAR) placed all over the machine body, reacting to obstacles and environmental changes in real-time for all-round security

Ergonomic Manual Mode

  • Equipped with stand-on pedal and steering wheel for effortlessly carrying the machine around

Auto Charging

  • Optional charging dock for autonomous power charging


Boost Your Cleaning Productivity

As an industrial cleaning machine, Sweeper 111 is designed for heavy-duty cleaning in large sites with its large-capacity trash bin and a cleaning efficiency up to 5,500 sqm/h. Fine dust, waste and trash of various sizes are all within its cleaning capacity supported by its ultra-strong absorption ability.

  • 60L trash bin
  • Ultra-strong suction motor
  • Up to 5,500 m2/h cleaning efficiency


Safely Navigate Indoor or Outdoor Sites

Sweeper 111 has 360° visibility with 30+ sensors placed all over its machine body. It detects and avoids static and dynamic obstacles from all directions and in real time. With a gradeability up to 11°, the outdoor cleaning robot performs capably at outdoor sites with ramps. Its LED blue projection light adds to the security in cleaning industrial sites where vehicles move around.

  • Market-leading 30+ sensors
  • Climbing slopes up to 11°
  • LED blue light projector


Simplify your work process

Designed to work in autonomy, Sweeper 111 will make cleaning work much easier with little human interference. You can create dumping point and set auto-dumping time in the App, and the robot will recognize the garbage bin and perform autonomous dumping when cleaning is finished. The industrial cleaning machine offers remote access via Gausium mobile app that enables you to monitor the machine status and control your cleaning progress from anywhere.

  • Auto dumping
  • Smart obstacle avoidance and rerouting
  • Auto charging dock station

Applicable Flooring Types



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