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  • Cleaning Solutions

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love an Autonomous Cleaning Robot This Winter!

November 22, 2022

If your facility is located in a particularly cold or snowy part of the country, you most likely already know how the colder weather can affect your business.

Snowy winter brings many challenges:

– A higher rate of staff sickness and absenteeism.

– Melted snow brought in by clients which results in wet, dirty, and slippery floors.

– Increased hygiene requirements caused by cold and flu outbreaks, etc.

In this article, we will see how service robots can mitigate the negative impact of cold weather, elevate hospitality experience, and after all make you fall in love with them this winter!

1. Clean and Dry Floors Throughout the Whole Day!

When it snows, some of that snow is going to end up inside your facility, no matter how well you clean your walkways and parking lots. Melted snow water not only leads to dirt stains but also creates a dangerous environment for your personnel and clients that can slip and fall.

Robotic industry leaders such as Scrubber 50 or Phantas perform autonomous scrubbing with excellent water collection leaving the floor clean and dry. These robots can also automatically return to the charging dock to recharge itself when battery is low and automatically resume its previous task when charging is complete.


But what if you have a small restaurant with narrow and dynamic layouts?


You’re in luck because this year (2022) there were commercial cleaning solutions released specifically for cases like that. One of them is Phantas! This small in size but an extremely smart and efficient robot is designed for dynamic layouts that require strong passability and zero-distance cleaning.


Now you probably wonder What Is Zero-distance Cleaning?


Backed by the side brush and high-precision sensors, Phantas is able to clean along the edges 0cm-close which grants this thorough cleaner easy access to tight areas and guarantees maximum cleaning coverage.

To keep your floors clean and dry, just choose a suitable cleaning solution based on the size and type of your facility, and forget about melted snow, dirty stains, and sprained ankles! 🙂

2. Clean When and Where It is Necessary!

Tired of mopping melted snow at the passage from the door to the counter? Make your robot take care of this area.

Today’s commercial cleaning robots are smarter than you think!

Just set it to patrol the “challenging” area and it will be automatically scanning if there are any stains to clean! But how the robot can identify a stain? It’s because it’s powered by deep-learning-based algorithms which are trained with millions of real-world pictures. So unless you’ve got stains left from the Xenomorph vs. Predator battle, an autonomous cleaning robot will be able to identify and clean clean them up!

3. Relieve Labor Shortage and Health-related Absenteeism!

According to Statista[1] the pike season of health-related absenteeism among U.S. workers aged 22 to 45 runs through December and January. Staff shortage during these months can be a serious issue especially when the cold and flu outbreaks hit.

Luckily these days more and more tasks can be fully delegated to service robots which require minimal human intervention. Robotic floor cleaning machines such as Scrubber 50 or Phantas can take care of your floors by performing vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing as many times as necessary throughout the day.

On the other hand, your staff can be supported on delivery tasks by a robotic solution such as Delivery X1 Pro. Effortlessly passing through aisles as narrow as 65cm and supported by high-precision sensors this model is ideal for the autonomous delivery of food, beverage, and other cargo in static and dynamic layouts. Perfect fit for the hospitality industry this robot is equipped with “smart trays” that can sense whether the customer collected the delivered order and proceed with serving the rest of the clients.

Supply your restaurant or hotel lobby with these robotic solutions and relieve your business from labor shortage and health-related absenteeism this winter!

4. Fight COVID-“20XX” Autonomously!

It seems that now we are moving into a time when epidemics never end, but replace each other, and we need to adjust to this. It’s good that the robotics industry is growing rapidly and already offering solutions to redefine facility cleaning!

Equipped with diffuser kits today’s service solutions autonomously perform ultrasonic disinfection. Disinfection robots spray 1-10 micron drops of liquids such as Hypochlorous acid (a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water) or QAC (surface-active substances often used as disinfectants). Such chemicals have strong antimicrobial properties and kill bacteria, viruses, and mold.

By applying autonomous disinfection within your facility to eliminate the transfer of bacterial pathogens, you can significantly improve your current hygiene situation and prevent your customers and personnel from getting sick!

5. Money Can’t Buy Love, But It Improves Your Bargaining Position!

This principle also applies to autonomous cleaning robots! If after all the reasons we listed above you are still skeptical about deploying a robotic solution to your business, let’s talk about returns on investments!

As a business owner, you most likely understand that the cleaning expenses are not only a summary of working hours paid to your staff.

Besides that, you also need to calculate taxes to be paid for each employee, vacations, sick leaves, HR working hours, utility bills, inventory expenses, etc.

On the other hand, by requiring minimum human intervention, today’s service robots allow you to cut labor costs and mitigate staffing challenges. Besides that, advanced cleaning modes such as Auto Spot Cleaning allow robots to scan the cleanliness of the nearby space and autonomously perform spot cleaning where waste or stains are detected. By cleaning only where it is needed, today’s robots bring up to 4X efficiency improvement and significantly reduce water and energy consumption!

By mitigating human labor expenses and reducing utility bills, today’s service robots offer savings of up to 80% annually!


Isn’t that enough to fall in love? 😉



Despite all the challenges that we discussed in this article, winter also brings its unique atmosphere of celebration and snowfall coziness. If your business is fully prepared for the season, each winter would be a marvelous time for you and your clients!


To pick the right autonomous solution for your facility please fill out our contact form, and our expert will get in touch with you shortly!