Overseas Market Strategy Manager

    Overseas Market Strategy Manager



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    1. Competition analysis: Provide 360-degree insight into competitors’ business strategy, product competitiveness, marketing strategy, channel management, product and technology roadmap, financial performance, etc., analyze gaps and opportunities, and continuously track, monitor and collect information
    2. Market insight: thoroughly understand the compatibility of products in different scenarios and evaluate the demand potential of target markets. Insight and analysis of the macro industry environment, industry trend, policy research, learn the industry competition pattern and change trend and come out market insight report.
    3. Competitors’ analysis: In-depth insight into competitors’ business strategies, product competitiveness, marketing strategies, etc., analysis of gaps and opportunities, and continue to track, monitor and collect information.
    4. Customer insight: conduct customer demand research and behavior analysis, subdivide target users, and provide input information for marketing strategies.


    1. Education background: Bachelor degree or above in economics and management, master degree is preferred, overseas study experience is preferred;
    2. Professional Skills: Basic skills of market analysis, customer research, competition analysis, business model analysis, in-depth understanding of the methodology of market analysis and prediction and strategic planning, successful experience and unique insights in the implementation of strategic planning;
    3. Work experience: more than 5 years market research and related insight working experience, more than 2 years robot industry background, overseas working experience is preferred.
    4. Language requirement: Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, English can be used as the main working language.