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Gausium Receives Red Dot and A’Design Awards for Phantas

June 23, 2022

Phantas, Gausium’s newly released commercial cleaning robot, is recognized by Red Dot and A’ Design Awards for its outstanding design. With an unprecedentedly small dimension and a completely different visual identity, Phantas is the unique one in Gausium’s commercial cleaning robot portfolio.

Phantas Red Dot

The Red Dot and A’ Design Awards are two of the worlds largest and most prestigious design competitions. Recognition from these award organizations is universally regarded as one of the most sought-after accolades that design professionals can receive.


As a product design, Phantas is functional, innovative, and aesthetically appealing. It has a rounded shape that delivers an instant touch of minimalism characterized by smooth curves, clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme. The front surface of the shell is furnished with delicate textures of wavy stripes that spice up the overall appearance of simplicity.


According to Sean Chen, Head of the Gausium Design Center, Phantas is a human-centered design. The design team took time to understand people’s struggles concerning floor cleaning in office buildings as well as the characteristics of these facilities.


Offices are furnished with work desks, and the walking paths in between could be narrow.  Most off-the-shelf commercial floor cleaning robots, with their relatively bulky bodies, could only cover surfaces of large, open spaces. Manual work is required to clean tight areas where the large machine could not reach.


Phantas is presumably the smallest commercial floor cleaning robot the industry has ever seen. To guarantee best functionality in workspaces, the Gausium design team pursued extreme compactness in the product size to enable flexible movement and superior passability. The robot can run freely under desks and effortlessly navigate narrow aisles, which provides maximal cleaning coverage.


Today’s office facilities are generally multi-functional and furnished with different floor types. To accommodate different floor materials,  Phantas is equipped with four cleaning modes, including scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming and dust mopping. The smart robotic cleaner can identify floor types with 3D cameras and AI-powered perception, and adjust the height of the brush accordingly.


As the most intelligent product in Gausium’s existing portfolio, Phantas adopts Gausium’s latest technological achievements in robotics and autonomous cleaning. It is equipped with Gausium’s new-generation SLAM engine and possesses robust obstacle recognition capability. The robot is able to recognize different types of filth and obstacles and make advanced decision behaviors accordingly. For instance, when dealing with electric wires, the robot would drive around them instead of passing them over directly.