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Four New Gaussian Autonomous Service Robots to be Exhibited at Interclean Amsterdam 2022

May 10-13th on Booth #112, Hall 07

May 02, 2022

Gaussian Robotics will introduce four new products at the trade show of Interclean Amsterdam 2022.

Gaussian Robotics, a leading provider of smart autonomous cleaning and service bot solutions, will introduce four new products at the trade show of Interclean Amsterdam 2022 on 10-13th May (Booth #112, Hall 07).

According to Gaussian, they’ve been preparing for the Interclean trade show for months and the portfolio to be exhibited is exceptionally comprehensive and diversified. Aside from the Interclean Award nominee Scrubber 50 Pro, four new Gaussian autonomous service robots will meet the audience at the Interclean show: Vacuum 40 Diffuser, Scrubber 75 P, Delivery X1 and Phantas.

Vacuum 40 Diffuser is essentially Gaussian’s classic product Vacuum 40 carrying an atomization diffuser kit to contain and diffuse disinfectants or essential oils. The ingenious innovation has made Vacuum 40 Diffuser the first commercial cleaning bot in the industry that integrates the functions of atomizing disinfection and aroma diffusion. Similarly, Scrubber 75 P is an upgraded version of Scrubber 75 with additional sensors. Customized for car park applications, the robot adopts automotive-level sensor and lighting configurations. Specifically, it is equipped with millimeter-wave radars that detect vehicle movements fast and accurately even in the dark surroundings, which guarantees the safety of operations in the highly dynamic and dusk environment of underground parking lots.

Delivery X1 is Gaussian’s first-ever autonomous delivery robot. It belongs to the company’s new product line “X series” that is dedicated to providing cost-effective smart delivery solutions for the hospitality industry where hiring challenges and increasing labor costs are of top concerns. X1 can function as a robust service co-worker by performing autonomous delivery of food, beverage, or various cargos. According to Gaussian, the robot is very easy to use and deploy. It does not require any location tag to assist with positioning and could be remotely controlled via the mobile app. The pro version of X1 is equipped with weight sensors and LED indicator lights that perceive and signal load status. The robot will automatically leave after the load is emptied – no extra command is needed. Despite all the state-of-the-art technologies, the pricing of the X series delivery robots, as revealed by the company’s staff, will be “surprisingly humble”.

With a catchline “All in One, One for All”, Phantas is clearly the most ambitious product of the company to be released at Interclean Amsterdam. According to Gaussian, Phantas is a brand new cleaning bot that integrates 4 cleaning modes and all kinds of its latest technology breakthroughs — but within an unprecedentedly small size. The compact design grants the cleaning bot strong passibility and enables cleaning in tight spaces such as under-table areas. Phantas features autonomous map construction — it will automatically navigate the surroundings and build a semantic map of the site. The robot also emphasizes industry-leading environmental perception powered by deep-learning-based perception algorithms. Trained with millions of real-world pictures, Phantas can understand the surrounding environment and recognize obstacles and garbage types, based on which it makes advanced behavior decisions.