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A diversified portfolio of Gausium service robots will be exhibited at the 2nd International Property Management & Procurement Expo

August 22, 2022

Gausium, a leading solutions provider of autonomous cleaning and service robots, will start a 3-day exhibition of its robots at the 2nd International Property Management & Procurement Expo. The trade show will be held at The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from August 30 to September 1.


The 2022 International Property Management & Procurement Expo is one of the largest trade shows in property management in Asia, which renders property management industry players across Asia an exceptional platform to feature their latest service and product offers.


Gausium provides an assortment of innovative floor cleaning and indoor delivery robots with its expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous navigation, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT).  The robotic floor cleaners of Gausium offer intelligent, cost-effective and scalable autonomous cleaning solutions, and have been adopted at scale by leading property services and facility management companies worldwide.


This time, Gausium will bring an unprecedentedly large and diversified robot squad to the show. Seven units, including three floor cleaning robot models— Phantas, Vacuum 40 Diffuser, Scrubber 50 Pro, and two food delivery robot models —Delivery X1 and X1 Pro, will meet the audience in Hong Kong.


Phantas is Gausium’s newly-launched robotic floor cleaner. It is a revolutionary “all-in-one” product that has been specifically designed for small and medium- sized commercial facilities, such as retail stores and offices. With Phantas Gausium has created a completely new and next-level intelligent cleaning robot that can deliver four cleaning modes, superior passability, fully autonomous mapping, deep-learning-based 3D perception as well as 400% efficiency improvement by autonomous spot cleaning.


Vacuum 40 Diffuser is an autonomous vacuuming robot carrying an atomization diffuser kit to contain and spread disinfectants or essential oils. It boasts a strong suction motor of 24 kPa and superb adaptability, working perfectly on varying flooring types, be it a hard surface, a low pile carpet or a high pile carpet. With the ingenious innovation of a dual-purpose atomizing diffuser kit, Vacuum 40 Diffuser has become the first commercial cleaning robot in the industry that incorporates the function of scenting. It adds value to facilities like hotels where scents help to create an appealing ambience.


Scrubber 50 Pro is an AI-powered robotic floor scrubber as well as Gausium’s best-selling model. Deep-learning algorithms are integrated within a sensor fusion of 2D LiDAR, 3D and RGB cameras, which grant the robot high-accuracy environmental perception and the ability to make advanced operation decisions according to the real-time situation. Like Phantas, Scrubber 50 Pro also features the groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning. It is also equipped with a built-in water recycling filtration system, Scrubber 50 Pro also reduces around 80% freshwater usage.


Delivery X1 Pro is the latest pro version autonomous delivery robot of Gausium. It is designed to provide cost-effective smart delivery solutions for the hospitality industry where labor shortage and increasing labor costs are of top challenges. X1 Pro can perform point-to-point autonomous delivery of food, beverage, or various cargos. It features cutting-edge localization and environmental perception capabilities and adopts advanced shock mitigation mechanisms to provide a stable, spill- proof delivery process. The trays of X1 Pro are equipped with weight sensors and LED indicator lights that perceive and signal the load status. When the load is emptied by the customer, the robot “knows” and automatically leaves for next tasks.