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Scrubber 75 Working at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

May 06, 2022


The pandemic has caused fundamental changes in the way people perceive public spaces and their expectations for hygiene of those spaces. More than ever before, travelers want to be reassured that the surfaces are sanitized and the consistent presence of visible cleaning efforts has become their top concern with public spaces. This means airports, and the building service contractors that clean them, need to take effective measures to meet the heightened standards and find ways to verify their cleaning efforts.


RTK-Palvelu Oy is a Finnish leading facility services company with over 50 years of experience. The company has been providing professional cleaning services to the Helsinki- Vantaa Airport. In the wake of the pandemic, clients are asking the cleaning teams to do more. RTK-Palvelu needed to increase the cleaning productivity while verifying areas cleaned. At the same time, as an eco-conscious company that seeks to reduce environmental impact, the management team of RTK-Palvelu was looking for eco-friendly solutions to align with their sustainable development goals.


In May 2021, RTK-Palvelu purchased one unit of Scrubber 75 from CleanBots, our trusted partner in Finland. The robot has since become a reliable co-worker of the cleaning team serving at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. It has taken over the floor cleaning of the non-Schengen area covering a total surface area of 13,000 sqm (133,930 sq.ft).

Gausium Scrubber 74n at Airport

Scrubber 75 is a flagship model of Gausium’s cleaning robots portfolio. With a work efficiency up to 3,000 sqm/h (32,292 sq.ft/h), Scrubber 75 is an ideal choice for heavy-duty, large- area cleaning tasks. Supported by multi-sensor fusion of 2D, 3D LiDARs and 3D cameras, the robot has an industry-leading 360° visibility and is able to perform real-time obstacle avoidance. The cutting-edge sensor system combined with e- stop buttons, bumpers, and integrated signaling lights and a sound system, makes Scrubber 75 the best in keeping the environment safe. On top of that, Scrubber 75 claims an eco- friendly identity with a multi-stage water filtration system built inside that saves water consumption by 70%.


  • 13,000 square meters of coverage
  • 5~6 hours of cleaning operation
  • 70% water consumption reduced
  • 90% manual work saved

The RTK-Palvelu cleaning team is happy with the robotic solutions and very proud of their new co-worker. Every day, the Scrubber 75 runs one shift in the daytime for around 5-6 hours. It scrubs the floor and dries it simultaneously, leaving the surfaces of floor shiny and spotless. The adoption of the robot helps redeem about 5 hours of manual cleaning daily. Now it takes them only 30 minutes to perform floor cleaning partnering up with the robot, which means over 90% of human labor has been saved. This allows the cleaning team to focus more on detailed cleaning such as sanitation of high-touch surfaces.

According to Suvi Ounamo, Service Manager at RTK-Palvelu, their cleaning operatives are impressed by the robot ’s ease of use and flexibility. They find the software of the robot user-friendly, and that they can operate the machine at their will on the intuitive touchscreen or remotely via a mobile device. The robot has also helped increase the transparency in cleaning performance supported by detailed data reports. Moreover, adopting the autonomous solution of Scrubber 75 also enables the company to manifest their commitment to CSR initiatives by delivering water-saving, sustainable cleaning services.